Sunday, 5 May 2013

Clunes Bookweek happiness

 Cold, bright and dry, a perfect autumn day for the annual Clunes Booktown weekend. The town was so packed with booksellers and books for the weekend, that I spent five hours blissed out looking at books, and only got halfway round the town. I also forgot to get a ride behind these beautiful horses - maybe next year.

 I took these pictures at the end of my day, sitting on one of the straw bales scattered through the town, waiting for the free (thank you booktown committee!) bus back to Ballarat.

 I was sitting right by my favourite bloke in Clunes, and saw across the road that we're still in a fire danger period. It's been so dry, with no real rain for a months.

 See that little group with a banner just at the right? (Just click on the image and you'll see them)

Yes, the Clunes footy club (and netballers) were raising funds with bags of spuds and sheep poo - both local products.
For those not familiar with the Australian idiom, 'Yoohoo!' is what my Mum and my grandmas would shout over the back fence when they wanted to have a chat with the neighbours.

I was sorry that I didn't have room in my backpack for either spuds or poo, although I did get a jar of quince jelly - but not from these lads.