Sunday, 7 September 2014

Finally in the local paper!

There's been a little bit of a competitive feeling around our place. Since we first moved to Ballarat Yin has been in our local paper, The Courier, a few times, being a chef, Slow Food Ballarat founder and contributor to lots of community events. This is the first time I've had my picture in the paper so I'm celebrating. I feel like I'm really a local, part of the newspaper record of Ballarat that's been going since the days when Ballarat was a gold mining giant. Now my descendants can find me in the newspaper archives.

Here are three of the places around Ballarat that I've been finding stories about in the last couple of weeks.

 Old Pub (now renovated) in Ballarat North. There were beehives out the back here in the 1870s.

 This was a house, pub and a private hospital over the years.

Now a family home, this was once an old weatherboard house of 10 rooms that served as a better quality private hospital in the 1910s.

Spring 2014

Suddenly it's warm several days in a row and the back lane is full of blossom.