Sunday, 28 November 2010

Signs of Christmas and holidays

I start anticipating Christmas when cherries from our local orchards come into the shops.

This year I'll be working right up to Christmas Day.

I am planning a simpler celebration, but I will make my Stained Glass fruitcake

It has glace angelica, apricots,cherries, peach, pear, and quince, brazil nuts marinated in rum and apricot jam and dates.
You cut it in thin slices and the fruit makes the slice look like a stained glass window.
I might make a pudding and ginger bread and shortbread too.

Right on cue the last of the iris, the ones with the hint of brown in their colouring, are flowering among the weeds and the mint. The weeds have greeted the recent rain with joy.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Clearing up for summer.

Jasmine fills the house with its creamy scent tonight. I pruned back the vine covering the letterbox and have filled three buckets with the flowers. I love its heady perfume.

The flower scent is particularly strong as I've closed all the windows. Outside the evening is thick with smoke. People have been burning off the past couple of days, getting ready for summer and the fire season. I have pruned and cleared and mowed, getting ready too. Wendouree Fire Brigade came round on their annual fundraising and I've got my calendar up by the door.

And just for Suzanna here's a link to the picture of the trees at Trentham - you can see the flammable material that accumulates around them.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Bare foot weather

Breakfasting in the gum tree in the park 

Egrets visiting again across the road. The grass is just humming with insects now.

This evening I went barefoot walking the dogs. My feet were happy on asphalt and cement and grass and warm, dry clay.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


A tide of wind is bringing clouds from the south. I was weeding and looked up into this, looming over the back garden.

I read recently how massively heavy these clouds are, although they seem to float so lightly, they are great galleons of water.

Then I went out the front and watched this coming towards me, over the parkland.

 The dogs hate this blustery wind and were barking to get inside, so I retired to the kitchen and cooked gnocchi. Lovely stuff, so easy to make and so light and delicious to eat.

The gnocchi were as light and fluffy as the clouds seem to be.