Wednesday, 22 December 2010

More to show you

My elder son is staying over Christmas, the first time he's been back for a couple of years. Just as I finished the last post he arrived home from a two day fishing trip and with fish! Two beautiful snapper Pagrus Auratus caught this morning. He and Yin are planning how to cook one right  now.

I'm worried about the factory fishing that is destroying the oceans, but can't resist a hand-caught fish. These will be cooked and eaten with respect.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas cards

I've been slow to put things into this blog, but working fulltime and travelling in to Melbourne to do so is really tiring. Can't wait to finish - at 4.30pm Christmas Eve!

Meanwhile some Christmas pleasure is being squeezed into the evenings. I finished all my cards for the new year and here is a batch drying on the cake rack.

Finishing them off last night I almost missed the solstice moon. I'd forgotten about taking things easy, taking time to look around me in the frenzy of festive preparation.

These cards rather reflect me at the moment, a bit jangly and speedy.

Monday, 13 December 2010

A treat

At Lakeside Farmers market a great treat - real char siu bao (steamed sweet pork buns).

Yin and I had one each then came back and had another one each!

Look how shiny and soft  and tempting it is,

the steamed bread was just right and the filling was sweet and rich.

I took my second bun down to the lake to admire the swans.

But once I was spotted in turn


the whole family turned up to share with me. Sadly I had eaten it all up.