Wednesday, 22 December 2010

More to show you

My elder son is staying over Christmas, the first time he's been back for a couple of years. Just as I finished the last post he arrived home from a two day fishing trip and with fish! Two beautiful snapper Pagrus Auratus caught this morning. He and Yin are planning how to cook one right  now.

I'm worried about the factory fishing that is destroying the oceans, but can't resist a hand-caught fish. These will be cooked and eaten with respect.


Suzanna said...

What a treat to spend holidays with your son. It looks like he enjoys being the meal-provider. I think it must have been quite tasty. Happy new year, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, Hope you have had a good beginning to this year. The fish was great - but I lost about twenty pics just before Chrissy including the meal Jake cooked, just through tiredness and impatience. I've been slacking off and recovering energy!