Friday, 7 January 2011

Lovely Christmas and New Year

November and December have been hard work, and on Christmas Eve I collapsed in a bit of a heap. Fortunately everyone else carried on around me and carried me with them.
Christmas was full of celebration.


and family

This boy wears great tshirts.

and I had a whole week off over New Year - bliss!

I haven't looked at this blog or the garden  - or anything else.

This year I feel  really fresh and ready for new beginnings. And look at this good omen. How often does one open the new jar of vegemite on the morning of  the first day of the year? Look at the little curl on that pristine surface!

Despite floods and locusts and the beginning of the hot weather I'm feeling hopeful. 
Happy New Year to all!


freefalling said...

Happy New Year!

Elizabeth said...

And to you! I've been loving the garden posts!

freefalling said...

The garden has been wonderful lately.
Have the locusts reached you yet?

Elizabeth said...

One locust/grasshopper so far. A handful in the city itself - hope it stays that way!
Is your garden in imperilled?