Friday, 14 January 2011

Birds recovering

 I think the birds on the  lake were relieved to have a break in the downpour too. No doubt the storm two nights ago messed up their nests as well as knocking down trees all over the place. I saw nests everywhere, and a lot of nest renovation going on yesterday.

You might just see the dusty coloured cygnets cruising close by their hardworking parent.

When I walked back again the babies had got back into the nearer nest - work finished for the day, obviously.

 Sadly I'm not a good enough photographer to actually show you the island birds, busy carrying twigs and branchlets from the newly fallen trees, over to their island - I guess for their nests.

Some nests needed no repair work.

And some were so relaxed by the first warm sun for a week or so that they just hung around the paths and couldn't be bothered moving for anyone.

 I love the way swans are able to fold themselves into intricate knots when they take a nap.

But why do they find it relaxing to rest on one leg? All around the lake stood one-legged swans, basking in the sun.

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