Friday, 14 January 2011

Lake Wendouree when the rain finally stopped

The massive rainfalls of the last couple of weeks have touched us so gently in Ballarat.
The toilet backed up briefly but cleared up within a day, the shed is still very damp and smelly, but the coming dry hot weather will solve this, the only 'danger' we faced yesterday was that the car might be damaged or bogged down in the mud.

In towns all around us - just a short drive away in Skipton and Creswick and Linton - people are dealing with huge flood damage, while in Queensland the suffering will continue long past the the actual weeks of flooding.

Yesterday I walked around the lake, which is full and overflowing and I kept this in mind even  while I was delighting in how beautiful it was to see the abundant water.

Water lilies in flower.

Waterweed softens the landscaped line of the lake shore

The rich green brocade of weed over the water.

The birds were all recovering after the storm and the waterfalls of rain. I'll put some pictures up tonight.

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