Friday, 14 January 2011

grass basket for grace

I finally caught up with grace of windthread , who has a new site. She mentioned making things with grass so this is to share with her.

I made this by the Merri Creek one afternoon, using local grass gathered as we wove. It's nowhere as well made as the baskets our teacher created, but I loved the magic of making something from 'stuff just growing around'.

The afternoon was a gift to volunteers who worked on revegetating the creek, or at the CERES centre. Our teacher was one of the local people who have been making such things for thousands of years.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Elizabeth, YES! i had not been
here since the 7th...????did i
have an unexplained lapse??????
hmmmm...the lawn chairs....well, WONDERFUL are these
baskets!!! what we DO have lots of
where i am are native grasses and i
have been working to reestablish them here. i am going to study these....try my hand at it...
i always have thought to do it, but
now, i WILL.
i hope all of your family and those
otherwise loved are safe. such hard times in your world now....
THANK YOU ....xo, g

Elizabeth said...

Can you show some of your native grass? Native grass is really under threat in my region - it's only been seen as beautiful as it has almost disappeared under farms and plantations and a cancerous growth of suburbs.
Thank you so much for your concern,I feel guilty even to say this,but all the people I love are well and safe.