Monday, 22 November 2010

Clearing up for summer.

Jasmine fills the house with its creamy scent tonight. I pruned back the vine covering the letterbox and have filled three buckets with the flowers. I love its heady perfume.

The flower scent is particularly strong as I've closed all the windows. Outside the evening is thick with smoke. People have been burning off the past couple of days, getting ready for summer and the fire season. I have pruned and cleared and mowed, getting ready too. Wendouree Fire Brigade came round on their annual fundraising and I've got my calendar up by the door.

And just for Suzanna here's a link to the picture of the trees at Trentham - you can see the flammable material that accumulates around them.


Suzanna said...

Elizabeth, how do they do the burning? When I was small, our family burned leaves in the street gutters, in the autumn, and the neighbors would socialize, but what sort of things do you burn in the spring?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Susanna - yes we used to do the autumn burning, and the smell was heavenly!
This bit of spring burning is a last minute clear up of bark and dried leaves, undergrowth, fallen timber and stuff. I've got a picture on a post about funghi hunt and you can see the huge and infammable piles of bark etc around the trees.

Suzanna said...

Elizabeth, I am so curious about this, but I couldn't find the post...could you please explain where?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, I put in 3 links to this post about the summer fire season and the burn offs and stuff.
I feel really proud that I also worked out how to link to one of my own posts!
Hope this is of interest - I love finding out what is happening in other places too.