Sunday, 28 November 2010

Signs of Christmas and holidays

I start anticipating Christmas when cherries from our local orchards come into the shops.

This year I'll be working right up to Christmas Day.

I am planning a simpler celebration, but I will make my Stained Glass fruitcake

It has glace angelica, apricots,cherries, peach, pear, and quince, brazil nuts marinated in rum and apricot jam and dates.
You cut it in thin slices and the fruit makes the slice look like a stained glass window.
I might make a pudding and ginger bread and shortbread too.

Right on cue the last of the iris, the ones with the hint of brown in their colouring, are flowering among the weeds and the mint. The weeds have greeted the recent rain with joy.


Suzanna said...

Elizabeth, I hope you will post a picture of the stained glass fruitcake...the ingredients are so beautiful. How is the wattle bird? I have some new little birds finishing off my persimmons.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

helloooo......i have had something
on my mind...
the little stove that i brought
inside about a month ago (from the
travel trailer)...i finally got
the nerve to light the oven and
TaDa! since, i have had the image
of your breakfast on my mind. i
just went back to look and it was
a post in October of you making
your morning little loaf...and
LITTLE is what i've been thinking.
so...question: do you make a small
batch? for a small single loaf?
this interests me because i am only
one and if i make the average
recipe, it often is just too much.
i'll come back and check for an

Elizabeth said...

so sorry but the computer is in computer hospital and I have been in exile!
I am on a friend's pC and have just checked in. grace i make 1 to 2 loaf amounts and will ost the recipe to you.
Suzanna the wattle bird is being outrageously noisy.I bbake next week and will post a piccie or two then if all is well.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

E...oh....when you can...
bummer about the computer
your bread just looks like THE
EXACT BREAD. and i guess it would
be nice to think of making
Elizabeth's Bread. yes. it would.

Elizabeth said...

Hi grace, the computer is home but i am having some trouble claiming time on it! Seems that everyone has a backlog of stuff to catch up on.
I am writing you up a recipe - which is not so easy as i go by handfulls and cupfulls mostly.
Autumn is a lovely time to bake bread so I shall do my best to get organised.
I have been catching up on your last posts - lovely work!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

don't rush...when you can. and
the handfulls is just fine. i've
made bread long ago so am familiar
with the "feel", but for whatever
reason, your little loaf there
has some meaning...and thank you
for catching up...i like it to
think that you are looking....