Sunday, 7 June 2009

Queens Birthday doings

I'm always grateful for the Queen's Birthday holiday. It comes in early winter when holidays are scarce and when the chance to curl up in a chair all day with a book and music and a bit of tasty handwork is truly welcome.
The rain of the last week has allowed the violets to bloom at last. This morning I knelt in a soft misty rain and picked a handful of flowers from the multitude. The scent of violets and damp earth was delicious.
Since I've been going to the Elephant Patch to study stitches, I've found three autumnal embroidery works, from three different places, all within a few days. There's one under the violets.

Here's another with a formal feel, and below is a more flowing design.
I don't have a big pile of such pretties, but I keep small box of embroidered pieces as samples of different kinds of stitches and styles.

I found some plain doileys as well. I'm trying out stem stitch to work a little wintry scene on one. It's harder than patchworking and quilting - I have to concentrate very hard and unpick as much as I stitch. I hope the Queen is enjoying her birthday as much as I am!

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