Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Talbot market last weekend

It's been too cold to grow much in my garden, but I am getting lovely spring vegies from the local farmers' markets. There are three markets we go to each month - Buninyong, Ballarat Lakeside and Talbot.

While I can walk or take the bus to the Lakeside & Buninyong markets, Talbot is an hour's drive away. But look at what I brought back last Sunday. Asparagus, lettuce picked from the garden and sold the same morning and crunchy, aniseedy fennel.

I always stop by Fanny's Flat and look at the vintage gear. This time I found crimson material for a curtain.

And I always check the book stalls and the bookshop at Talbot. While I've never much liked D H Lawrence's novels I love his poetry and this old Penguin is a very nice book. It replaces a much more worn one that I left on a train a while ago.

If you want to see what the Talbot market is like, I've made this post title a link to Talbot Market's website - just click on it and you'll see what I saw.

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