Friday, 19 March 2010

Rose-scented apples

After several uncomfortable days I feel lively and hungry again. I'm still voiceless though, this virus is a tough one. We went to the Farmers' Market at Buninyong - heaven on a sunny autumn morning!

We found figs, quinces,  marmande tomatoes, delicate pears just about to ripen fully, rye bread from Geelong.

Walnuts, sundried muscats and apricots from Mildura, sugar gum honey from around Newlyn, the last little red radishes, lettuce, fennel, and giant white Chinese radishes from organic growers near Warrenheip, local eggs and bunches of basil.

And many kinds of apples. Cox's Orange Pippins, Snow Apples, Gala and a beautiful new variety, Prima. This is apple season, and I can get my apples fresh from local orchards. Apples with flavour, each variety distinct.

The new Prima apples (new to me) taste and smell of roses. I knew that apples and roses are related, now I believe it.


freefalling said...

We had a fabulous time in Buninyong.
I've never been there before.
We came home loaded down with fruit and vegies and bread and plants.
We were very excited about the kohlrabi - we haven't tried that one before.

Elizabeth said...

I love this market - and it's in a beautiful place. Yin has some interesting ways of using kohlrabi & if you want I'll post his suggestions. It's quite sweet and crunchy in texture. Ther is a good little op shop in the church, but I'm not sure if it's open Saturdays.