Monday, 5 April 2010


I put in a solid day of gardening today. Autumn is the best time in the garden. Some things winding down, others, like the chrysanthemums, are in full flower, and it's not too late to plant some winter greens.
I overdid it a bit, the sun was so mild I just worked away all day. I was stiff when I stopped, but triumphant.

I did make time for a cuppa and some flower viewing too. Look at this beauty. I do nothing for it and it just grows slowly, planning to take over the whole garden one day.

I had so many scratches that I got really reckless and had a bath. The first bath since we moved to Ballarat. The first bath  for seven years, really. We've been trying to save water for so long and have stuck to very brief showers with buckets to catch any overflow. Oh joyous, sinful excess!

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