Friday, 9 September 2011

Nectarine blossom & hail

Typical frisky spring weather today, rain and sleet and then hail. Beads of ice lay thickly against every corner in the city. I watched the hail piling up outside the library while I hunted about the shelves for books.
I thought the hail would have really knocked our nectarine blossom about, but when we got home (with groceries and  piles of books), there was no sign of storm or ice in our garden. The day was suddenly sunny. So - probably a tree full of nectarines this summer!

Then in the afternoon, with intermittent rain and sun we had a sky full of rainbows.

This week I've been to a free ABC workshop in the library to learn how to put an image and a story up on the ABC website. Next week we'll do a video! I'm loving this.

There are some really good projects going on on ABC Open - love these 'now-and-then pics' of Creswick's Calembeen Park


Kittie France said...

Beautiful photo, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kitty - why is it that the only shoes in pink & blue for spring are for tens and under? And just for girls?