Saturday, 19 November 2011

Clunes Show

Caught the one bus from Ballarat to Clunes this Saturday to go to the Clunes Show.

The one hundred and fifty first Clunes Agricultural Show smelt of pine and eucalypt, wet earth and and animals, with  a tang of cooking oil and hot sugar.

Clunes has a lovely showground. It's green,  full of huge old trees and sits at the very edge of a hill looking over the vast country around.

I couldn't make my camera encompass what I was looking at. The show ring sits against the sky and the mountain, a calmly busy space. This is the best of a poor set of images.

There was a shed full of wool and shearing.

I would have liked to take some bags away to play with.

Traditional bakery contest - I loved the  sponges, fruitcakes, shortbread on their fly-proof  shelves.

Preserves of  pride- jams, jellies and pickles,

Garden produce, and children's artwork.

I admired the goats and chooks of varied breeds and beauty, put some money in the Ferret Society's Ferret Rescue tin and snacked at the CWA stall.

But the best were the miniature donkeys.

I've loved donkeys since I got to look after two of them at Ceres over quite a few years. Could I fit a couple of these into my yard and go walking with them in Victoria Park?


Suzanna said...

Oh the donkeys!! I'm going to spend Thanksgiving at the farm where the 2 donkeys live, but they are the large variety. I try to record their braying but they are very shy about the recorder. A recently discovered donkey blog...

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the blog link - more donkey bliss!
I found that donkeys in a padddock of mixed beasties - sheep, pigs, goats - promoted peaceable paddock behaviour. When Ceres was donkey-less fora few months the other animals were less relaxed. I certainly loved being around them.

freefalling said...

You could easily fit two into your backyard!

Elizabeth said...

I just have to persuade the others who like to hang out in the backyard.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the Ferret Rescue Tin.

yes. have transported me.
i can Always COUNT on you

Princess Haiku said...

Thank you for sharing images of your world...

Elizabeth said...

Wish you could all have come along - and Grace, the ferrets were all being cuddled by BIG blokes (and one lass). I would have liked to take a person pic but the blokes preferred not.