Friday, 23 March 2012

Mary Finnin in the State Library

Last week  (yes, I've been a bit behind in writing up the action around here) I set off at 6.30 to spend a day in Melbourne.

First I met Jess at the A1Bakery in Sydney Road for Lebanese coffee and hot, fresh-baked flatbread with zatar. So fragrant and delicious! You would never guess from this photo that there were in fact a lot of people in A1. I have a real knack for people-free photos.



Jess kindly gave me an Iphone training session so I can start to use the old Iphone I've been given.
 Then he went off to his lab and I went off to the State Library.

The best place in the city.


If only I could live in the dome and browse on books every day.

I spent the day in the rare books & manuscripts room reading Mary Finnin's poetry, and lazing a bit in the autumn sun on the lawn out front, with the rest of Melbourne.

Isn't this the most steam punk of sphinxes?

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