Friday, 18 May 2012

Greenhouse dog

It's getting cold here, winter is just around the corner and the dog needs a daytime shelter.
I set up my old, placcy greenhouse,strengthened with duct tape, wedged in between the fence and the wheelie bin.
It's windproof and rainproof with visibility all round.

I had to sit in it awhile with Mr Pip before he decided it was acceptable.
(Yes, it was a tight squeeze)

Don't be fooled by that look, Mr Pip loves his greenhouse.


Suzanna said...

Mr. Pip has quite a droll nice he can look about while he's inside. His front legs are so very long and straight!

Elizabeth said...

He's quite a quirky dog. After being worryingly quiet and good and unobtrusive, his real personality is coming out. Thank goodness!