Saturday, 24 November 2012

The welcome dog

Every evening I am warmly welcomed home.

Mr Pip has been here over 8 months, has settled in and we have got to know one another. He is a gentle, elegant, well-mannered dog.
He's not a guard dog like our beloved old sheep dog, Kitty, and  not a jester and adventurer, like Paddy the labrador. He is a meeter and greeter, a welcome- home dog.


Suzanna said...

Mr. Pip has lovely long limbs and such a fine nose. Gilly's legs became longer while I was away...she is looking like a young lady now...soon a picture.

Elizabeth said...

Puppies are so fascinating as they grow up. I look forwqard to seeing Gilly as she is now. Does she sleep through the night yet?

Katherine Bowman said...

Oh Liz, it is great to see you have a new dog. Milly is 13 now, and deaf, and still has 20 mins of play in her a day.
Hoep that you are all very well. Kath x

Elizabeth said...

I must catch up with you & Milly soon. It's good to hear that she's well and happy - if a little hard of hearing!