Friday, 7 December 2012

Summer evening, Smythesdale

Alpacas settling down for the night.

The paddocks are still spring green.

Here are the sheep they keep safe from dogs and foxes.

Beautiful vegie garden.

Catching up with friends.

Children running barefoot on the grass.


Suzanna said...

Hi Elizabeth...I am enchanted by those alpacas and their wonderful long necks! Also by the ruby has such character and right now is so timely of Christmas. I do wish you a happy one (Christmas). Today was chilly but clear. We've had LOTS of rain. I've been saving up comments...your picture of Mr. Pip awhile ago inspired one of Gilly peeping through the small spaces...the secret greeting.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Elizabeth!!! Woo Hoo to Balarat!!!
on this eve of New Year. i send
wishes to you and all you hold dear.
Love, grace

Elizabeth said...

Hello Suzanna and hello grace - I've been away - not from Ballarat but from the internet and have now been catching up with people and their work. Thank you both for all the inspiring work you've been sharing.