Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lunar New Year

It's Chinese or  Lunar New Year this weekend.
Last night Yin cooked  traditional vegetarian New Year's Eve dishes, including my favourite, the monks' vegetarian dish (Lo han jai is one English transliteration).
 It has fermented red bean curd sauce, sweet dry beancurd, dry bean curd sticks, black hair seaweed, gingko niuts, thread-fine rice vermicelli that is transparent when cooked, ear fungus, fat chinese mushrooms, and (not vegetarian because he can't help himself) chicken stock - but it doesn't need this).

Some things are soaked, some are marinated, some are fried until bubbly crisp.

Then all is stirred in together with the red bean curd sauce and simmered.

Then we eat it. 

It takes ages to make and Yin thinks it's a bit messy to look at, but this is the best dish ever!

Today we went in to Melbourne for New Year with the family. We saw the lions dancing through Footscray as we stopped for some red packets (we always forget something!), and a coffee and canoli at the last pasticceria left at the Footscray market.

This picture was taken before all the food brought by the rest of the family was put on the table.
Now the year can begin (again - see the previous post).


head in the sun said...

Oh wow!
What a feast!

Elizabeth said...

Hi there Queenslander - if you come back to Victoria, get in touch and we'll feast you.

head in the sun said...

I'm still here.
We are all in a flurry with the last little bits of packing.
It's taking FOREVER!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

every single thing just makes me
drooooooooool. ohhhh. ohhhhhl