Saturday, 20 July 2013

Midwinter ice

Freezing winter nights, frosty mornings and ice sealing over the water for the birds. I had to break  thick ice in  Mr Pip's water bucket too. Despite ice and the frost, and on the grey days the rain, it has been a dry autumn and a dryish winter.

Southerly posts has been frozen for a while as I plunged into a postgraduate degree at the University of Ballarat. I'm managing everything a bit better now, and have a good working relationship with my new computer, so I'm breaking the ice on this blog and having some fun again.


Suzanna said...

So glad to see "Southerly Posts" in my list of news for the day! Looking forward to hearing about your studies. We had a very dry winter and now a very dry summer: so far the word 'drought' is not much heard officially. Yet. On my trip I was in some lovely rainstorms back east, but it had been a bit too much and crops were suffering.

freefalling said...

Nice to see you again!
And up here we are having a wet, wet winter - I didn't really sign up for that!

Elizabeth said...

I have been steadily reading your blogs - checking in to Mostly Threads and the many marvellous moments from Queensland has been keeping me sane while I've been adjusting to a new workload. Thank you both!