Sunday, 8 December 2013

Listening to Neil Murray

We went to a friend's bush block outside Buninyong for an informal concert. I've never heard Neil Murray except on the radio. I thought he would be good, and he was better. 
I heard the songs I love and a few new ones, especially Burrumbeeep Hill which I'm now singing myself over and over. 
Here's Neil's website where you can listen to Burrumbeep Hill too. 
Someone told me  he is a Lake Bolac boy. That makes him really local. Wikipedia has a bit of a personal and musical bio here.

This isn't a picture of Burrumbeep Hill, but it's similar country, just around Ararat.


Suzanna said...

I will be singing it now too! Thank you, Elizabeth...

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, I'm glad the link worked! The video is a little manic, but the song is lovely and so is Burrumbeep Hill.

freefalling said...

You lucky thing!
He wrote one of my favourite songs:
Black Fella, White Fella - do you know that one?
Co-written and sung by the Warumpi Band.

Elizabeth said...

Yes love that song! I pottered around on Youtube and found the Warumpi Band singing it in the early 80s, and lots of other good music.