Saturday, 8 November 2014

Catching up with November

I've had a paper to write, talks to give and a lot of research tasks so I've been a bit (!) behind here. 

The garden has been full of roses and jasmine and so, therefore, has the house. 

We've had four birthdays in the family. 

I've been up at the Ballarat cemetery looking for a 19th century Ballarat Chinese doctor who is buried here.

and found him.

The weather has warmed up, summer is almost here and I have not caught up with the weeding - but I have put up a post.


Suzanna said...

Hi Elizabeth! So glad to see you here in blogland despite busy times. The roses are beautiful. Four birthdays is a lot...makes one awfully aware of the passage of time. Gilly's third is coming up...we've both learned so much in that went by so fast!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, I still haven't weeded! I left a comment (I thought) about your wonderful embroideries, but I'm not managing to get them onto your blog somehow, so, I love the new embroideries!

Suzanna said...

Elizabeth, thank you VERY much. I am really enjoying doing them. Getting a little impatient with all the other tasks because I want to go back to the needle and thread. Since we have had a little rain (!!!) lots of weeds are poking their little heads up...sigh...that is a chore I put off and put off...