Monday, 20 July 2015

Deep winter, July 2015

Seven in the morning.  It's minus 4 centigrade. Yesterday morning it was minus 6. Really cold and beautiful. Even the dog hesitated before going out. His nose, my nose, both numb.

We waited for the sun to rise before going out for our walk.

   It was still very cold!

The marigolds have kept blooming as the winter has been mild until a few weeks ago.



It was icier, more frosted and slippery, outside our protected garden. We had to walk very, very carefully.


Suzanna said...

Hello Elizabeth, oh those frosty colors look so appealing. Early this week we had a short heat wave. It doesn't get very hot usually, but we are used to and grateful for, the fog blowing in and cooling things off. Over the hills, just a half hour away, the temperature is sometimes 30 degrees F. hotter...Gilly and I go over there once a week for agility training, and are so relieved to come back home. Many fires north of here...the eyes feel the sting in the air.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, I saw devastating bushfires in California on TV. How is your area - you have said it is hot and very dry. I hope you and Gilly are cool and safe!

Suzanna said...

Hi Elizabeth, so much time has gone by! Our drought ended with lots of rain this winter and now we are having a lush spring...well, it's almost summer. I hope to catch up with blogging news somehow...