Monday, 5 July 2010


I'd like to say that our kitchen is brim full of good taste, but it has a few quirks that Yin stoically puts up with.
I confess to being delighted by the nostalgic good cheer of 1950s and 60s Aussie kitsch. Look at this koala teacosy from Bendigo. Doesn't it just warm the cockles of your heart - even without any tea in the pot?

And what about these beaut little budgies from the Anglican Opshop in Sydney Road? Just waiting for a frame or a cushion.

Until recently I've had Aussie souvenir tablecloth curtains over two windows, and I've had a sheet up for two years over the third window, waiting, because these cloths have suddenly become too popular with people who cut them up and transform them into (possibly) more beautiful objects. They are really quite hard to find.
Knowing my weakness (but not actually sharing it) a good friend found me the third linen tablecloth, while cruising Benalla, to finish curtaining my kitchen windows.

So I'm pinning and tacking and hemming (but not measuring because I never do that).

I may show you the whole set when I've finished. I'm still looking for kookaburras, swans, kangaroos and assorted cockies, galahs and rosellas because there are more rooms and more windows in this house.
Not that I'm obsessed in any way.


freefalling said...

Oh, I love your curtains.
I've collected a few of these table-cloths too - for cushions.
The budgies are PERFECT.
It would make me feel very jolly having a cup of tea with that koala looking back at me.

Elizabeth said...

I love sewing up these old linen items, the thread slips through so smoothly, and the linen feels so good in my hands.
Will you post cushions pics? I'd be very pleased to see them.