Sunday, 31 October 2010

Good things this morning

Rain on the nasturtium leaves.

I found my  purple iris in bloom.

The lilac I picked from over a neighbour's fence
while walking the dogs this morning.

My new set of tin badges.

The artichoke forest. It is so gloriously huge, the leaves stand taller than I am, and it is getting huger.

And breakfast.
Breakfast isn't a thing, it is an event. I got up slowly this morning and I pottered and I made the bread and walked the dogs in the rain and I visited the iris and the artichokes and the nasturtium.
I had passionfruit to put on the yoghurt and Yin got me a cuppa from Espresso. I took a very long time over brekky, and I wore the green beetle badge, the one with the red eyes.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

YES! you wore a green beetle
badge for breakfast. MY kind of
woman for sure!!!
i have never seen this glorious
collection, but DO have the
Cidada that is it
at a little shop where i used to
live in my other life.
i love your morning

Suzanna said...

Oh the nasturium leaf, how it gathers water... and the lilac...I can smell it from here. We have had some delicious rain, but it looks like a sunny week is forthcoming...greenness is sprouting early.

Elizabeth said...

Hi grace - I am fond of the cicadas too!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, I'm a bit distracted, having agreed to work a full week across 2 workplaces until Christmas instead of my normal part-time hours. Involves a lot of long train travel.
Sorry to take so long to say it's actually really quite sunny here too!
Maybe i can sew on the train.

Suzanna said...

Yes! Sewing on the train is the best. Not so many distractions...still, it sounds tiring too...good that it's not forever.