Monday, 4 October 2010

Couldn't resist it

I already have a job that involves old documents and dust and fascinating records. Just when I had decided to concentrate on work and writing and a little sewing, I was asked if I'd like to help to dust and label and bag and reshelve the old books at the Mechanics Institute. Of course I jumped at the chance.
 I love books, I love old books, and I 'm fascinated by the nineteenth and early twentieth century collection at the Ballarat Mechanics Institute.

This library is a little bit of heaven on earth.

The old building has been restored recently and now the books, which have been assessed, boxed up and assigned new labels as they are entered into the new database are being unpacked. See the old library chairs to the left?

Of course some blokes got overexcited and shoved a lot of books on the wrong shelves (see behind). But this will be put right.

And they will go in the right spot just like these. Maybe even in a locked cabinet.

But when all the work is done, people will once again be able to come to the library and read the books. 

Look, just to the right is one of my favourite second-hand bookshops, the Pot of Gold.

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