Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lal Lal last Sunday

Here I am in the Lal Lal pub.

Outside the window is pretty much all of Lal Lal.

And in front are the memorial trees. Lal Lal is just outside Ballarat, and once it had iron and coal mines, not very big ones.

 The wattle was everywhere, the creamy-scented sort, I can't remember its name.

I'd come out to see the railway station again. It's a beautiful little bluestone building, and no longer in use.

It's pretty much intact.  Even the old wooden dunnies are still in place.

I wish they still ran passenger trains along this line - I'd catch the train out to the pub on a Saturday afternoon.

Looking across to the east.

Driving home.

Back behind Warrenheip


Suzanna said...

An intriguing sequence...I love the train looks quite sturdy, but a little lonesome...

Elizabeth said...

It is a bit lonesome, but lovely too.