Saturday, 4 September 2010

Just letting the moss grow.

It's been a hard and concentrated two weeks and I 've been flat out like a lizard. No time to play until today.

When I sat down at my table to do a bit of scribbling I saw I had moss growing inside, all along the windowsill.

I've tried growing moss gardens in shady corners and in pots and containers. Never had any luck. Now in the wettest spring for maybe a 100 years,  I've got moss growing in my room. Lovely.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your photographs always surprise me and take me somewhere entirely different in my mind


just the word is almost enough

Suzanna said...

It must have been waiting for just the right conditions to announce looks in the bottom photo as though a fish could swim by...

Elizabeth said...

Yes it's wet here! If I squat down close to the ground in the park i can hear the watersoaking in to ground that has been dried out over more than a decade. it's a sort of crinkly sound. Everyone here is just smiling in the rain!

Elizabeth said...

Just one more thing - grace did you ever manage to extract that photo you wanted? I'd love you to have it.

freefalling said...

You reminded me I have some black squidgy stuff growing on the outside of my kitchen window.
I took a closer look.
Lo and behold!
Little green moss!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, if you're not too fast to clean up around the house, moss can be your reward!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

a reward of moss. Like that.

no...i didn't get the tulip photo.
I could, for myself, but actually
was hoping that you were into
doing the thing with your photographs. I would want this
for my daughter.
I missed out on the ONE thing she
ever said she wanted...
a painting of tuplips...
this photograph would have been
the antidote to a wayward mother.
oh well............
thank you for wondering tho.