Saturday, 18 September 2010

Step out with care

A few of the older, two-storey brick buildings in Ballarat have these wooden additions sticking out from the second floor. Most of them are additions at the back - and some come a fair way out. They have an airy, isouciant feel - there are a couple on Bakery Hill I would love convert to a study/studio.
This is the top frontage of a shop down the bottom of Sturt Street.  It's a relatively narrow buildout - possibly because it's over the main street.
You wouldn't want to step out too carelessly, but I can imagine a coffee here on a summer morning, dangling my feet over the main street.

This pic gives a better idea of how it all sits in the street. I may be wrong but I don't remember this sort of addition to equivalent Melbourne buildings. Perhaps vigilant town engineers had them removed in the modernising seventies? Certainly a vigilant city engineer seems to have removed the old verandah from below this one.

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Suzanna said...

I can imagine an attractive little railing across there to lesson the sense of potential falling...what is the little thing to the left of the looks like a flag holder...