Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lake Burrumbeet

All around us there has been serious flooding, roads cut and people losing their homes, but the rain is still a wonder. I wanted to see the water in Lake Burrumbeet. Dried up for many years, now it's filling with water.

We drove out along the Avenue of Honour, 22 kilometres in length, with  about 4000 trees planted for each WW1 soldier from Ballarat. This was the first of what became a local central highlands tradition, and it was the idea and mostly the work - including planting - of local Ballarat women. It is impossible to drive down this road without thinking of the thousands of men lost or wounded in those horrific battles.  Every tree has a name.

Along the road sheep and their new lambs blissed out on the fresh grass and the brief sunshine.

There was a lot  of water in the lake.

And this sign is not needed any more.

It's a big lake for our region

But not very deep

Enough water for the wind to blow up waves and foam

But it is mostly shallow, and full of reeds

And the reeds were full of really noisy frogs

It was beautiful.

1 comment:

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

things just wait, don't they.
years sometimes.
just waiting, but there is no
guarantee that this moment would
finally come
but it has
and look.....
thank you, Elizabeth, for showing
me this. thank you