Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cut off

The computer has gone to hospital and has been there a week now. No internet! (I don't have a mobile phone etc), so no blog. I hope to be connected to the world again by the end of this week.

I am really missing my daily catch-ups with the world!


Suzanna said...

Hello Elizabeth...I hope all will soon be well with your becomes so accustomed to the sense of connection, and then when it vanishes, egad! Anyway, I wanted to tell you I tried the apple tart recipe and it was terrific! I'm going to try making my own pastry the next time...I used a store bought. And I have to learn to turn it over more gracefully, but the apple-y-ness of it is wonderful.

Elizabeth said...

Glad the tart worked out - Its a great recipe. Works for peaches too as they cook down richly, although take less time than apples.