Friday, 6 May 2011

A sewing seizure

I was sorting out some material on Wednesday evening.  Then I began to play, cutting bits up and stitching other bits together.

It all began to work well .

 More selecting.

 Some rejections.

A lot more stitching. I've been sewing away for two days now.

  Paddy lurks under the table, popping out now and again to see if I am ready to go for a walk.


freefalling said...

hahaha - I love that - A sewing seizure!

Poor neglected Paddy.
Did you remember to feed him?!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, no matter the frenzy we always eat at our place.
Love your cooking pics and recipes! I made a little bit of jelly - just a few jars of quince - but nothing compared to the amazing production at Ararat. How do you do it?

freefalling said...

Elizabeth - no job, no kids!
Gotta do something!

Elizabeth said...

Dear L of Ararat - kids gone, half a job - still not getting much done!