Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Worlds in glass

I'm home sick today, voiceless and trying to finish off a bit of work before the end of the financial year. But the sun is streaming in through my window and my terrariums are a joy. I set them up after finding this book in the Lifeline Op shop last week

and spotting this blog and this segment on DesignSponge.


Look ! Each little world-under-glass has its own tiny watercycle. 

The tall one, the round one both have tiny rust red fungi and moss from the park in them, there is a quartz stone from an old mine mullock heap and a wonderfully black and patterned bit of red-pine bark.
The jar has a fragment of earth and  moss scooped off the street.
I've left lots of space for things to spread and (hopefully) flourish.

(Click on the picture for a detailed view)

 It's been three days since I set them up. This is the first time since setting them up that I opened them. They smelt wonderfully of wet earth and moss. I must be careful to leave them alone now. I want them to be self supporting.

The terrariums cost a total of $3.50 - 2 glass saucers and 2 jars and 1 bowl - from the oddments table at Dana Street Op shop.

Now I want to make a drier world with pebbles and cacti - and then I want a little landscape with tiny buildings and stuff.  
I must rein this in. 
I must let the folk on 'Collectors ' be a warning to me. I do not want to be the woman with a  hundred jars of moss.
(Yes this is a tiny promo for a weirdly wonderful half hour of ABC Friday night TV. Do watch 'Collectors'  it will amaze you and make you happy).

But I love moss inside and out. 

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