Sunday, 3 June 2012

Winter quilt

June, and it's really winter now.

 After walking through the park on a dark and frosty morning, I'm thinking of sewing a dark winter quilt with icy glints.
(click on these photos - they will look better)

This image I took of the park made me think of a woven textile, a tapestry.  I got excited and found some fabrics to make a quilt of the same  mood.

with some frosty glitter.

Maybe oak leaf quilting

A quilt with lots of reds and browns and greys and shadowy blues.

I have five quilts just about finished, three more cut and partly pieced, two that are tempting piles of material - what is one more in the queue?


Suzanna said...

Hello it starts to be summer here, the colors are fading, the hills and grasses all taking on a golden tone...lately it's been rather chilly. I love your photos of the a quilt forming?

Elizabeth said...

Slowly a quilt is coming together. Suddenly I have a rug, a quilted gown (it's chilly sitting here & typing), winter garden beds and still so much writing. Good thing it is winter working weather!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your frost feels so good on this
hot night with cicada songs and
lightning in the north. these
photographs are like a cool touch
to the brow.
what are you writing?????????

Elizabeth said...

writing a story that keeps growing and growing - and also some history of the people and places roundabout where I live. More research than writing at the moment. Not much blogging though - perhaps you've noticed!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes, noticed, but somehow it's all
feeling like it's in keeping with
Ballarat. i just so much like
you appearing now and again and
like knowing that i can come here
now and again....That's Good
Enough when there is purpose to
one's days...and i always sense that from you. love,