Sunday, 8 July 2012

On the buses

These last few weeks, apart from writing (and working and cleaning the house and walking the dog...), I've been travelling about on the buses from Creswick to Sebastopol.
The landscape and streetscapes change radically over such short distances.Twenty minutes on the bus going north and I'm in Creswick.

Fifteen minutes on another bus going south and I'm in Sebastopol

Both were goldfields in the 1850s, both grew into little townships in the 1860s and were mining, farming and producing the machinery, clothing and essentials for their region.

No, it's not the weather - on a cloudy day Sebas looks just like this and a clear day Creswick still looks quite different. 


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

WHAT IS IT???????????? that i
feel when i look at the things you post here????
your world is so different...
mine seems so full, yours, is a very certain kind of spacious...
emptyness in a really soothing way.
Soothing is the key here.
i wish you could tell me all the stories about the cooperative farm and goats

Suzanna said...

Hello Elizabeth, I was wondering if these towns are part of the writing project? I agree with Grace about the soothing spaciousness...a good description of your photos.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I feel quiet and uncrowded in both these places. There are actually people around,by the way - it's just that I'm mostly posting about moods and ideas here on Southerly Posts.
grace, I treasure what I've seen called 'mindful ease' that's why I'm trying to record it, I guess.Wish I could live in it always!
Hi Suzanna, yes I'm working on two very different studies - political activism of China town residents in 19th century Creswick, and using colonial mining and land records to find out about people and places in Sebastopol.