Wednesday, 11 July 2012

French bread!

For the last three months this beautiful little French bakery-cafe in Creswick has been baking REAL bread. Ballarat is bereft of good bread - it comes in from Geelong (La Madre) or Trentham (Red Beard) or Castlemaine (Himalaya) or Melbourne (Babka) ......
I can bake sourdough and wholemeal and flat breads, but I can't manage the perfection of a traditional French baguette.  It seems that you have to have a French baker to get traditional French bread.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos but I got a bit excited, having brekky in such style this morning.

It was so delicious to be inside in the warmth of an open fire, the scent of baking bread and coffee brewing around us, gazing at the rainy street outside.

We took a baguette and brioche home but Yin ate most of it while I was still fiddling around on the computer.

This is what's left, just before I make up a tomato roll for lunch.

I love good bread and good coffee.You'll find both at the Peche Gourmande.

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