Friday, 27 July 2012

Old things

Much of the old industrial and engineering Ballarat has vanished, very quickly, and it's hard now to see that the city used to make trains.
 I took a camera out shopping and wandered off while Yin bought the fruit & vegies this arvo, so I could get some pictures before this signal box is burned down or the crossing is modernised.

I'm fond of this corner of the city .

Looking across to Black Hill from the old boom-gate crossing and signal box.

Engines waiting for Steamrail volunteers to get them back on the tracks

Petrol pump -  discard or salvage?


Suzanna said...

I love the look of that railway crossing...picket fences give such a warm homey look to places, and it looks safe...around here the crossings are very open and one feels rather exposed, and often folks play dangerous games of skirting around the gates, not always successfully. On my last train trip I heard of several vehicles not quite making it across in time, trying to beat the is so hard on the train crew...

Elizabeth said...

Think people are silly in the same ways everywhere in the world! Just saw someone try and get around the gates last week - mad!