Friday, 2 August 2013

Blue metal

I moved a cubic metre of blue metal (coarse bluestone gravel) over the muddy drive and the muddy front path. We have embarked on a fix-up of the house and garden. It's certainly going to make me fitter.


head in the sun said...

I have a big pile of that in my driveway too!

Elizabeth said...

So do we get to see the result? I'll put up pics if i get it all done - I'll be so proud I'll have to!

head in the sun said...

Well..... mine is there to fix the plumbing - we had a broken sewerage pipe.
It's fixed now but my B-I-L the plumber wants to replace more of the piping. He's going to wait til we head down south for a month or two so we don't disappear in the red mud of the back yard.
Good luck with your shoveling.