Saturday, 3 August 2013

Wintry day in August

Winter is the season when I can be quiet, think about things, calm down.

This morning was chilly,  thick with fog and drizzle.  The dog and I rugged up and walked around the lake.

Only a determined fisherman and a mad kayaker were out and about. Flashes of orange in the grey morning.

There was no sign of the town surrounding the lake.

Even the ducks were invisible. But we heard them quacking madly in the dense reeds and brush of the islands.


head in the sun said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos.
It's like looking at China, Finland and Newfoundland.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I felt I had wandered out of the world I knew for a while. Winter is so beautiful - do you think you will miss it?

head in the sun said...

No way!
I'll still be experiencing it!
Toowoomba is notoriously foggy and cold in winter.
Although, it balances it out with crisp, cold, sunny days as well.

Elizabeth said...

Love fog (to walk in), love crisp, cold & snuny - sounds good!

Suzanna said...

The textures of grasses, fog and appealing. Fog feels so good on the skin. I watched the fog roll in this evening from a high vantage point, dropping the temperature rapidly...chilling the toes in sandals...

Elizabeth said...

Felt I was up there with you for a moment.
It's too cold for sandals here - thick socks and gumboots are what I'm wearing!