Sunday, 8 September 2013


This morning the car mirror framed a landscape I didn't recognise at first. I love the way mirrors show you the strangeness of familiar places. Usually as photographer I have too much control to achieve the random magic of a mirror.

Then walking the dog a little later I found a reedy place of fishermen and islands far away from the city.


Suzanna said...

Hi Elizabeth, I've returned from an Eco-dyeing workshop with India Flint and thinking those trees in your first photo look like some of the eucalyptus' here. I'm being cautious in my experiments and am concentrating on plants in my back yard for starters, but the wider neighborhood is beckoning to me.

Driving through some of the wilder parts of Northern California where I'd lived briefly was like living as a rear view mirror...philosophically looking backwards but moving forwards, hoping not to trip up on memories.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful thing to do! Will you share your experiments?
i'm doing a bit of looking back-moving forwards too. Maybe that's why the reflections intrigued me so.
Yes, those are eucalypts in that mirror. Weird how they grow across the Pacific now. We have Californian redwoods growing in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens here. Still only 100 year- old babies. I don't know how they are going to fit in there when they start to really grow up, but a kookaburra family nests in one each year, so the trees have settled in with the locals.

Suzanna said...

I have to figure out how to identify the trees by family and genus...but today I threw caution to the winds and bundled up some leaves from a neighborhood smells so good cooking! I'm going to leave it in the pot overnight and try to let it dry before I open it! I'll take a picture if it looks good, and post it...