Sunday, 13 October 2013

Escape from Ballarat

Today I took a break from work and study and took off in a mini van with fellow members of the Sebastopol Historical Society. I'm going to make several posts of this trip, but tonight I'm posting a pub in Dunolly which I fell in love with and would like to live in.

I want to live on this top floor and have beers on this balcony and go to sleep with the wind in these palm trees late at night.

Isn't it a beauty?

You'll need to click on the pictures to see them properly. 


Suzanna said...

I love that railing! How nice it would be to sit out there with a cup of tea and watch the world go by...also, I wonder what the ceiling is like inside the room...if it's quite high, or if there is another set of rooms above?

Elizabeth said...

I think it's a high ceiling - maybe even of fancy, pressed tin to match the cast-iron lace on the balcony.
There's just enough going on in Dunolly to amke it fun to be sitting out on the balcony, not so much traffic that you couldn't read a book or doze off.