Thursday, 23 April 2015

Intentions for this Winter

Autumn is just about over. It's refreshingly cold, rain has fallen every night for a week, and some days as well.  I always revive a bit once summer really ends.
I've been feeling miserable, tired and incompetent the last few months. It's not just been the summer heat. I've let the research project take over all my time, got too tired and have been diagnosed with, among other things, an allergy to sunlight - not really surprising for a woman who is not fond of summer!  So I have done my yearly winter review and decided to  slow the research project down a bit, and pick up the blog again.
I began this blog to keep in touch with family in Melbourne and Cairns. I soon discovered it was a very satisfying way to keep in touch with me. So as well as sewing again, pottering about the house, writing stories and visiting friends, I am going to put up at least one post a week. I don't know why I  stopped doing such things!
Tomorrow and Saturday I'm catching up with good friends over the best coffee in Ballarat. On Sunday Yin and I will drive to Kyneton and visit friends in their new house and garden.

This is the quilt, put aside for over a year that  I am going to finish by the end of April.

In June I am flying up to Cairns to spend some time with my eldest son. The tickets are booked.


freefalling said...

As my sister says - it's all about balance!
And oh no - an allergy to sun!
Be careful you get enough vitamin D.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

of all the fragments of cloth i see in people's work, these pieces are
just Completely Satisfying to me...
these i would travel to the end of the
earth for...maybe i would sweep the
tiny ones up from the floor under your work table...put them in my pocket...
just LOVE them....
somehow they are so

Angie said...

What a wonderful quilt---and the photo of raindrops plopping (?) is so soothing to me.

Elizabeth said...

I know, it's so silly to be allergic to the sun! And in Australia! I will go out a lot at night and watch the stars.

Elizabeth said...

oh grace! I love your cloth works so much, I am touched that you like mine.