Saturday, 25 April 2015

Red Poppies and Crimson Rosellas

One hundred years since the Gallipoli landing, and I loved the kindness and care in the hand-made poppies. Remembering with love. 

Then this afternoon, looking out the window after rain, I saw the Crimson Rosellas.

The second rosella can just be seen at the far right.

The instagram effect is not deliberate - just an inept photographer.


Suzanna said...

It's such a beautiful tribute to those who gave their lives. And the Rosella...a perfect name. It looks rather large..?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzanna, the crimson rosellas are so gorgeous and they come around this time of year. I really look forward to them. They are about the size of a pigeon.

Suzanna said...

The only red bird I've ever seen in the wild here is the Cardinal, and I think they're only back east. The males are Bright Red and the females more subdued. I wish the rosellas could be persuaded to come over here!