Friday, 17 April 2009

Easter Week

Easter was very welcome this year. We are secular celebrants and Easter is a family get-together for us. Both boys came home and cleaned gutters of autumn leaves, cut up prunings and took them to friends with open fires, fixed the letterbox and generally helped out.

Their rewards were hot cross buns - strictly Good Friday only, chocolate eggs in a nest of rose flavoured fairy floss and the chocolate animals that they still look forward to even though we are all too old for the early morning easter egg hunt. We've always liked to hunt for chocolate wombats, koalas and bilbies as well as bunnies.

For the first time since the boys were old enough to dribble watercolours from a brush, no one had time to paint or decorate eggs. I put out some baskets of our old eggs, but I missed this part of Easter. We used to have egg painting parties on our front porch and have enough eggs to hang on a tree as well as fill bowls and baskets.

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