Thursday, 30 April 2009

Hay, worms, happiness

We drove the trailer right out of Ballarat and halfway to Daylesford to get twelve bales of hay for my garden. We didn't really have to drive so far but it was lovely to travel out of town.

The next day at the Farmers Market I bought a worm farm. I know that worm farms can be put together out of anything lying around, and I'll make a big, sit-on -the-ground, out-doors one in spring, but this is an odour-less, recycled, Aussie -made marvel.

And I can keep it in the bath. (We only shower now because filling a bath for each person is too wasteful). It's too cold here in winter for worms in a thin container, and we won't want to carry food scraps outside in freezing, sleety weather.

It will look uncouth, unchic and not pretty, but my bathroom is as much storage and work room as bathing place.

Paints, pastels, glue, etc are all to be found by the bath anyway, so what's a worm farm or two ? Yes, I plan to have more!

Here is the first delivery of worm food, which my team of one thousand will be turning into soil and worm tea over the winter.

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