Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Eight posts to Christmas: She'll be apples

My apple trees are covered in baby apples for the first time since I planted them here. Today I just wanted to lie on the grass and spend my life in the green shade and watch them grow.

I put up our old Christmas posters and pottered around with baubles and tinsel and stuff. Not much got done.
When I looked closely at this poster it struck me that the lower ranks of the heavenly host looked as if they were rushing off to Bridge Street Mall to get in the last of their shopping.

The only shopping I did today was decadent - I got a Forbidden Apple from Eureka Pizza. These apples are made in a northern suburb of Melbourne. Concocted of vanilla and almond icecream and some sort of deliciously edible golden plush and with a maraschino cherry in the centre, they are covered with white chocolate painted in pink splashes.  I used to think this was the apple the queen offered Snow White.

I didn't make the raspberry jelly, I didn't make up the room for Jesse who'll be home in 2 days, I didn't finish the decorating and I didn't repot the cooking herbs I promised.

Not to panic, she'll be apples, I'll finish things off tomorrow.

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