Friday, 4 December 2009

December again

I woke up on Thursday morning at 5.30 and the sky was blue. There is a scent of happiness in the air now, the prospect of Christmas and of long school summer holidays fills December with anticipation.
At 6.30am  Paddy and I were in the park. The sun was still rising, a little dew still sparkled on the grass but the day was well begun.

I took a picture of the kangaroo grass in the patch of native grasses.

It was very quiet, still too cold for the insects and no one else was around. A few birds were setting up for the day. It is just about a year ago that I began this blog, and collected some seed from the same patch in the park.

The dog and I walked barefoot on the tracks through the park. This is a joy particular to summer - walking barefoot on the solid earth.

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